how its works for builders


Vetted Trades helps Builders / Contractors to get job leads to win new business and succeed.






It is hard to find good tradespeople to work for you.But at Vetted Trades we provide you with hassle free service where you can find local reliable Tradespeople who are looking for work.


1. Once a member you can hire a Vetted Trades by posting a job lead explaining your requirements.

2. We will compare the request with our carefully selected Vetted Trades and provide them with our requirements.

3. Interested eligible tradespeople then get in touch with you

4. Compare and hire the Vetted Trades who best suits your requirements.


We just don’t stop there; you can also request a material quote from our local interested Merchants and Suppliers and compare the prices.Its hassle free to get competitive material and service quotes.




1. Once you register with us you can request material and service quote by posting a lead explaining your requirements.

2. We will then pass your request to our carefully selected merchant/suppliers.

3. Interested merchants/suppliers then get in touch providing you with the prices.

4. Compare the prices and select the merchant or supplier with the most competitive quote