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Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Remodelling Contractor

Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Remodelling Contractor

Gone are the days when bathrooms were considered something unglamorous and only a basic amenity. With the advent of time and civilisation, bathrooms have metamorphosed into a work field with scope for artwork, aesthetics and of course functionality. If you are unhappy about how your bathroom looks or you are looking for an innovative makeover or new construction, then we have got what it takes. We provide Bathroom Remodelling Contractors for the same purpose. While the concept of hiring a bathroom repair professional might seem alien to you, it is what rocks the sanitary world.

Advantages of hiring a bathroom remodelling contractor:-

You can follow your own design options

While some bathroom remodelling contractors offer the a to z of full-scale bathroom renovations, right from the design to the screws and the attachments, some contractors will be more flexible. You can call the shots as far as design is concerned and they just have to execute your theory.

Your  Materials, Your Savings: No, you won’t be buying the cement and stones but you can have the final say on aesthetic products like towel bars, mirrors, sanitary ware, tiles, light fixtures etc.

What About The Timeline?

Yes, pulling along without a bathroom is not going to be easy. Even with a spare bathroom, you wouldn’t want the remodelling to take half a year! Of course, we know this fact dear and that’s exactly why we supply contractors with a fixed schedule and a set deadline.

How The Process Works

Stage #1: Design: Even a minor change like the remodelling of a toilet or a bathroom cabinet calls for some kind of design that should be made at the planning stage. There are a few templates available for bathroom remodelling.

Stage #2: Demolition: If you opt for a complete bathroom renovation, then some kind of demolition will be required.  Trust your contractor to make suitable arrangements for carrying out the demolition stage and getting the mess cleared. Even minor projects may require some kind of demolition.

Stage #3: Roughing-In/First Fix: This is the stage where you look into the plumbing and electrical aspects of the bathroom remodel. In this stage, the plumbers and electricians will carry out the needful first fix.

Stage #4: Closing Up: In this stage, the bathroom ceiling and walls are to be skim finished, then painted and decorated. Any floor and wall tiles are to be laid or mosaics implemented.

Stage #5: Installation of Shower/Bath/Toilet: The closing up stage gives way to the Installation of shower, bath and toilet. The bathroom sink is also installed at this stage which is the second fix.

Stage #6: Final Touches: In this stage, another inspection will be carried out which is followed by installation of final fixtures and fittings.

ENJOY your newly remodelled bathroom !!!


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