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Some Maintenance Tips for Your Chimney

Some Maintenance Tips for Your Chimney

Fireplace and chimney maintenance is important to keep your house safe. There is a chance of fire hazard to your home if you don’t maintain your chimney. If you pay attention to chimney maintenance then it will save energy bills cost. Here in this topic, we are going to discuss some of the tips for your chimney maintenance in detail.

A huge difference can be made by your fireplace damper in the energy efficiency of your house. The dampers should be closed when your fireplace is not in use, to keep the outside drafts from acquiring into your house through the chimney.

It will become hard to get the desired heating temperature as they will perpetually fight with the outside drafts. This happens due to the improper closing of the damper and this will have a direct impact on your energy bills. Moreover, They’ll wind up by consuming more and more power to cool and heat your house which will automatically hike the cost of heating and electric bills.

The dampers must be open if you use the fireplace. You cannot use the fireplace if the dampers cannot open or they are broken. If the dampers are closed then it will trap smoke in your house and result in carbon monoxide which is bad for your health. If you observe any problems in dampers then you should hire a professional from chimney maintenance service.


  • Make Sure your Chimney is Waterproof


Chimney structural integrity becomes weak, resulting in mould and damage to the floors and walls around the fireplac. This happens due to the moisture and some other elements can be major problems for your chimney. Your chimney must be waterproof and have chase cover and functions properly.


  • Know When to Have Your Chimney Swept


While there is no specified time to clean your chimney but you have to consider a few things. How often you have swept your chimney depends on how often you use your fireplace. It is mandatory to clean the chimney when the chimney liner has 1/8″ of soot. If you do not have any knowledge of how to measure soot then you can seek knowledge from the chimney specialist contractor.


  • Have Your Chimney Inspected Once Per Year


There are three main chimney inspection levels which you should consider:

  • Level 1: Inspects all readily available parts of the chimney that they are functioning properly.
  • Level 2: It is needed before selling a home that how they use the heating source or chimney. Which comprised everything in a level 1 and crawlspace or attic.
  • Level 3: Inspection in depth which includes everything in the inspection of both levels 1 and 2 as well as auditing more hidden areas. This inspection is mainly done for chimneys where all the hidden major concerns are detected easily.


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