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Key Pionts to Consider before Selecting an Architect

Key Pionts to Consider before Selecting an Architect

Hiring a respected architect to design your dream home can be challenging. It is very important that you choose your architect carefully as a wrong candidate can be expensive and painful. You need to follow certain tips that will help you to choose the best one.

If you are planning to design your dream home or looking to extend your property, the first step is to find the best architects in London, because only he/she can tell you what to do properly as they are experts.  They will provide you with the different design options available which are according to the regulations and will help you accumulate the area to its full. Well, it is not an easy task to find the best architect and tradesman in London.

Here are certain steps that will help you to choose the best architect.


The initial step is to do proper research if you want to find the best architect near you. The best option is to go with the recommendations. You can start by asking people or relatives who have had work done if they would recommend their architect, as nothing can beat the recommendation of someone you trust.

The most important point to consider here is that each architect practising in the UK must be registered with the Architects Registration Board, so that can be a good place to start the search. You can also use our online service to get a list of architects.

Vetted Trades Online has a ‘POST A JOB’ service that helps you to find professionals working in your area. You need to fill in a simple form and you’ll be able to get a quote from local suppliers that specialise in architectural design.


While shortlisting the Architects you should consider that they are registered with Architects Registration Boards. By law, they must be. This guarantees a certain basic standard of work and means they will have professional indemnity insurance in case anything goes wrong and you need to pursue compensation.

If you’re looking to find an architect to complete a larger project, you’d usually want a Registered Architect, while smaller projects would typically be handled by Architects, Architectural Technicians or Surveyors.

While shortlisting you need to consider the type of architect they are as would they be more creative to bring your space to life and execute your idea perfectly? It is also advisable to shortlist the architects who are familiar with local planning policies and your local authorities and can show a track record of successful applications passed through them.

Only a great architect can add value to your premises with his unique as well as creative designs. In addition to this, you must check whether he can make a specific design which is useful to maximize the space, natural light as well as storage in your premises.

Making your choice

Once you have shortlisted all the architects the next step is to contact them and make sure that they are available for your project. If they are, you need to give them a brief of the work you want doing and a rough budget and then arrange for an appointment. The clearer and more precise your brief are for the architect, the less likely you are to be disappointed by the outcome.  Check their portfolios by visiting their websites and also visit their past clients for whom they have done work to give you the feel of their style of work as everyone works differently. Check if they engage with you in a manner that makes you feel confident working with them. If you are worried about your budget ask directly about their fees structure. Also, consider the level of service each one is providing.

Get at least three quotes and compare like for like while making your decision.

We can help you get quotes and find the architect in your area.

Instructing the architect

Once you have made your choice the next step is instructing the architect the detailed description of work that you require. You have to be clear about your ideas and what you would like them to design for you. Also, find out about the total fees and timings it will take to get the job done. You can also ask the architect for his/her input as giving ideas to maximise the space and lower the budgets. Because of their experience, they are most likely able to advise the best and feasible way around your project and can also give guidance about planning permission and building control.

So, these are the points that will help you to find the best architect near you to redesign your space.


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