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COVID-19 Alert: How to Safely Hire Tradesmen for Your Work

COVID-19 Alert: How to Safely Hire Tradesmen for Your Work

Tradesman stands for a person who is a skilled worker and is considered more than a labourer but less than a professional. It is not a new report that these tradesmen are facing troubles with finding work under the current pandemic, Covid19, and so is the situation of those who require different tradesmen to fix their unfinished work.

One of the most common questions or problems people are facing these days is “how to hire tradesmen for work without having to worry about the Coronavirus” or “is it possible to hire tradesmen safely in this pandemic.” Well, the answer to such questions is yes, you can hire tradesmen for your work by keeping a certain number of precautions and safety.

In this article, we shall cover all the mandatory health precautions that you must take care while hiring the tradesmen for your work!

When Should You Consider Hiring Tradesmen?

The coronavirus outbreak has caused lots of damage, even in the biggest economies and the lives of millions of people. Therefore, it’s essential to hire trusted tradesmen only if the need for a tradesman is very urgent and necessary. It doesn’t matter if the tradesmen you decide to hire is an industrial tradesman or a local tradesman as long as he is an approved one and is somehow known by you.

However, it would be suggested to only hire an industrial tradesman when she or he is coming from a reputable background that holds a brand name. Other than that, it is always better to hire local tradesmen as you are more acquainted with them, and most of the time, also have a background check. To know more about when to hire, read the following points :

  • Clear Medical Background

The first and the most important thing that you must consider before hiring a tradesman is to check his or her medical background. You must be aware of the fact that the person you are hiring is not affected by the virus and has clear records in terms of medical background.

  • Choose A Local Tradesman

It is better to opt for a local tradesman as you have a better hold on the information about him. You can choose an industrial tradesman only if he comes from a well-known company. In both cases, the tradesman must be approved.

  • Hire Only When Urgent

DO NOT consider hiring a tradesman if the problem is not huge and can be solved by yourself. Plan to hire a tradesman only when it is very urgent and needed for the situation or an emergency.

  • Check On The Current Work Scenario

It is vital to keep an eye and gather information about how many houses the tradesman has visited lately. If that tradesman is working too much and has been to various homes, then do not consider hiring him as there are chances that he may have caught the virus.

  • Enquiry About Personal Hygiene

It is imperative to know what precautions and hygiene the tradesman is keeping before letting him inside your house. Only hire the tradesman when you are aware of the fact that he is sanitized and is following precautions to stay safe from the coronavirus.

Only Hire These Types of Tradesmen 

The current situation cannot be taken lightly as it has caused a lot of damage. Therefore, keep in mind to hire a tradesman only when it is very urgent in order to keep yourself and your family safe. The following types of tradesmen will be the most suitable ones for an emergency in the current scenario.

  • Electrician

If you are facing big troubles with the wiring and electricity in your house, or if the power is gone, then you can call for the help of electrician tradesmen. It will be best for the situation to hire an electrical contractor who is approved in terms of the medical background.

  • Kitchen Specialist

The kitchen is considered as the priority of a house, and if you have some significant issues going around in your kitchen, then you can hire a kitchen repair specialist. However, make sure to offer a sanitizer before letting him in and ensure that the person is wearing a mask.

  • Gas & Heating Engineers

Gas and heating problems can be complicated and need the service of a professional. It is crucial to hire a safe gas and heating engineer whose background is approved and is taking the mandatory precautions. Also, only let him in areas where the work is needed to be done and do not forget to offer him sanitizer before allowing him to enter.

  • Damp Proofing Specialist

Damp proofing is another problem that needs professional hands. You can get the best damp specialist from the best damp proofing companies for the necessary Waterproofing, construction chemical, Heat insulation, Sealants solutions.  If these companies are not available in your area, then search for the reputed ones available or a reputed local tradesman.

  • Air Conditioner and Ventilation Specialists

Summer season is here, and so is the need for an air conditioner. If your air conditioner is not working and you live in a region that always has a high degree of temperature, then you may hire an approved air conditioning repair tradesman. You can also hire a tradesman from the reputed HVAC companies near you.

  • Bathroom Specialist

A Bathroom is yet another area of the house which is needed to be working correctly, and bathroom problems like heavy leaking are indeed required to be fixed by hiring a bathroom repair specialist. When you hire a tradesman, make sure to offer him sanitizer and clean the bathroom area after he left for precautions.

  • Chimney and Fireplace Specialists

Chimney and fireplace problems can be mandatory to solve only when they are causing danger to the house. In the current season of summer, a fireplace is not very much needed in most of the regions. However, if you are facing severe problems, then you may hire a chimney and fireplace specialist or tradesman whose background has been approved and has clear medical records. Also, ensure that the person is wearing a mask before letting him in. You can also opt for the best home-visiting services available in your area.

  • Drainage and Septic Tank Specialists

Drainage and Septic Tank problems can be fixed only by specialists. Therefore, you will need to hire a tradesman for such a problem. You can hire a locally known tradesman or someone who belongs to a reputed background after conducting the necessary medical checks. Also, make sure to maintain distance and not let the worker touch anything which is not needed for repair.

  • Plumber

Plumbers are indeed very essential for the proper functioning of a household. Most of the problems with pipes cannot be solved without professional help. However, before hiring a plumber, make sure to check his medical background and also do not touch the tools that he will bring for repairing. Not only this, but you also need to make sure to offer sanitizer before letting him in. The cost of plumbers depends on the work you are assigning.

  • Pest Control

Pests cannot be removed without taking the help of pest control. If the situation of pests is horrible in your house, then you will have to call for a pest removal contractor and hire a tradesman. Various known pest control companies offer excellent pest control services at low prices. It is better to opt for reputed companies to hire pest control who give their workers the proper precautions needed to be safe.

  • Asbestos Removal Experts

Asbestos removal is indeed mandatory and very much required for any household. Always hire an asbestos removal specialist from a well-known company and do not forget to check the medical background of the worker. Also, ensure that the person is adequately sanitized and is carrying precautions like wearing a mask before letting him in.

  • Windows / Doors Conservatory Specialists

If the problem is severe and is needed to be fixed by the hands of specialists, then only hire a window repair specialist from a reputable window repair contractor. Find the best ones in your area, go through the medical background, and then only hire one. Make sure to offer sanitizer to the tradesman and also sanitize the whole area after the departure of the worker.

Practice Social Distancing: Keep A Watch On Your Tradesmen – Before, During and After their Arrival

Social distancing is mandatory to follow in order to keep yourself safe from the risk of the coronavirus. It is strictly advised to stay at a safe distance from the worker or tradesman that you have hired to keep precautions. Prevention is better than cure, which is why you must prevent any type of direct contact with the tradesman for safety purposes. To understand more about how you can follow up with social distancing, read the points mentioned below.

Before the Arrival – 


  • Keep your door already open

By doing this, you can avoid the workers’ contact with the door handles and prevent the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus.

  • Wear masks beforehand

Make sure that all the members of the house are wearing face masks before the worker arrives to stay safe all the time. As it has been seen lately that the virus can stay in the air for some hours if it comes out from the sneeze or cough of an infected person.

  • Keep In-track with the Govt. Apps

There are a plethora of government apps that inform you about the Coronavirus infected persons near you. So, make sure that you have this app on your phone and also ask the worker beforehand to download this app to stay aware and safe.

  • Keep Your Children and Elderly in a Separate Room

Avoiding contact is the best way to keep safety intact. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep your children or elderly away from them. Do not let the tradesman come in direct contact with them.

During Their Service

  • Proffer Sanitizer

The first thing to do when the tradesman arrives is to offer a hand sanitizer from a safe distance. Make sure he has applied it properly before letting him start his work.

  • Ensure Face-masks

Make sure that the tradesman is wearing a mask before you let him even enter your household. If he doesn’t have a face mask, give him a mask or a piece of clothing with which he can cover his mouth and nose adequately. Do not take the mask or clothing back and let him keep it for hygiene purposes.

  • Prevent face to face or direct contact

Social Distancing is the main key that will make your completed without any safety compromised. It is crucial to maintain a safe distance from the tradesman and avoid any type of direct contact or close face to face contact with the tradesman for safety.

After Their Service

  • Use a disinfectant spray

After the tradesman has done his job, you must clean the entire areas of the home to keep it germ-free. You may also use a disinfectant spray to sanitize the environment in your house.

  • Proper Sanitization

When the tradesman has departed, make sure to sanitize everything that came in direct contact with the tradesman to remove the risk of the virus.

  • Sanitize yourself and your family

Once you are done with sanitizing your house, make sure to sanitize your as well as your family’s hands. As you probably came in direct contact with a lot of things in the sanitizing process of the house, it is important to maintain your health in the right manner.

The Bottom Line

These were the necessary precautions that you must keep before hiring a tradesman and letting him come into your house. Also, as already mentioned, do not employ a tradesman if it is not an emergency. Remember that you need to always maintain social distancing and proper sanitization to keep your home safe from the coronavirus pandemic.


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